Fly Tying Thread & Wire

Fly tying thread and wire are materials that are commonly used in fly tying to create the bodies and hackles of fly patterns. Thread is a thin, spooled material that is typically made from nylon, silk, or other synthetic fibers and is used to bind materials to the hook and create the body of the fly. Wire is a thin, flexible material that is typically made from metal or synthetic fibers and is used to add weight, strength, and shine to fly patterns.

Thread is an essential material in fly tying, as it is used to bind all of the other materials to the hook. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit different fly tying applications. Wire is less commonly used in fly tying, but it can be a useful material for adding weight and strength to certain types of flies, such as nymphs and streamers. Wire is also useful for creating ribs and other decorative elements on fly patterns. Both thread and wire are important materials in fly tying and are used by fly tyers to create a wide range of fly patterns for different fishing situations.