A fly tying vise is a specialized tool that is used in fly fishing to hold the hook in place while creating artificial flies. It consists of a clamp that attaches to a table or other surface, and a movable jaw that holds the hook in place. The vise can be adjusted to hold hooks of different sizes and shapes, and it is an essential tool for any fly tyer.

There are many different types of fly tying vises available, ranging from simple, economical models to high-end, precision vises. Some vises are designed to be portable and can be easily carried to the field, while others are more suitable for use in a workshop or home studio. Some vises are designed to hold the hook in a fixed position, while others have a rotary feature that allows the hook to be rotated for easier access to all parts of the hook while tying the fly.

Fly tying vises are an important tool for fly tyers and are an essential part of any fly tying setup. They allow the tyer to hold the hook securely in place and make it easier to work with the various materials and techniques used in fly tying.