Hardy - Fortuna Regent 12000 Reel - Black

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Designed for the tarpon, GT, tuna and sailfish anglers, the new Hardy Fortuna Regent exemplifies beauty, durability, and drag in a saltwater fly reel. For use in some of the most demanding conditions around the globe, the Fortuna Regent delivers effortless control, power, and rapid line retrieval when you need it the most. The Fortuna Regent is built around a multi-pad, carbon fibre disc drag system housed within a sealed, waterproof hub design, which offers the highest level of sealing yet seen on a Hardy fly reel. Did we mention it won the 2022 ICAST Best Saltwater Fly Reel award. 
The drag is adjusted via a tensioned regulator that results in positive, linear drag application within a one 360 degree turn range whilst delivering impressive top end 22 pounds of drag. For reference, 12 pounds of drag can land an Atlantic sailfish.  Finally, the large arbor spool delivers exceptional 14-1/2 inches of line per rotation, and the narrow spool profile ensures easy level stacking of the line during the heat of the battle. Offering flawless reliability on your next saltwater adventure, the Fortuna Regent is a worthy successor to the original Fortuna series.


  • Carbon fibre multi-pad disc drag system
  • Sealed, waterproof drag housing
  • Large arbor design
  • Narrow spool profile
  • Positive, linear drag adjustment with defined detents for ease of setting
  • Optimum drag window within one turn
  • High power drag system delivering between 10 and 22lb of top end drag, model dependant
  • Supplied in Hardy neoprene reel pouch
  • Capacity: WF12 +250 yards of #30
  • Weight: 11.4oz
  • Diameter: 5.5 inches
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