Fly Line

At Golden Fly Shop, we stock the finest fly line from the Rio and Scientific American brands. When you need a new line for your rig, we've got a wide selection for every set-up and style of fishing! Our huge variety of Scientific American fly lines means you'll get a quality line for whatever fishing you set out to do. We also stock Rio lines renowned for their slickness and durability.



How Do I Choose The Right Fly Line?

If you're just getting started with fly fishing, we recommend a weight-forward, floating fly line. Weight forward taper helps make successful casting easier. We also carry level fly line for experienced anglers, double taper lines to help intermediate anglers succeed with softer fly presentation and sink tip lines for fishing down deep. If you're not sure what line best fits the day's conditions, your fishing style and the type of fish you're after, just speak with one of our associates. They've got the experience and know-how to help you find exactly what you need.