There are a lot of fishing nets available, but a more premium fly fishing net from Fishpond has more benefits than you might think. A lighter, stronger net makes it easier to wrangle a wriggling fish. A wider opening and a deeper net can more easily contain the biggest catch of the day. Some nets from Fishpond even include a scale for measuring exactly how big your catch is. Browse our wide selection of fly fishing nets below.



Which Fly Fishing Net Is Right For Me?

The more affordable nets from Fishpond include smaller hand nets like the Fishpond Nomad Hand Net and the Nomad Native Net with a narrower basket and a lighter total weight. At the midrange, the Nomad Mid-length and Nomad Emerger can accommodate even bigger fish and feature a convenient measuring scale marked on the handle. At the top of the line, the Fishpond Nomad El Jefe is among the finest, most versatile fishing nets we carry.

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How Do You Choose The Right Size Fly Fishing Nets?

When selecting the right size fly fishing net for your needs, the main factor to consider is the type of fish you plan on catching. Of course, larger trout will require a larger net that has a longer handle and hoop depth to accommodate them. If you’re planning to do more pocket water fishing for smaller fish that are less than 10” in size, then a smaller net with a shallower hoop would be your better option. Keeping in mind that each situation is different, Golden Fly Shop offers you many choices, so you can find the perfect size net for your next fishing trip. From Nomad mid length nets to a lightweight and durable net that is easy to add to your kit– there really is something for everyone.


What Are the Advantages Of Fishpond Nets?

Fishing enthusiasts know that a good, durable net is an essential part of fly fishing, and Golden Fly Shop has a selection of Fishpond nets that are reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Made of carbon fiber and other durable materials, nets made by Fishpond stand up to the wear and tear of rigorous fishing conditions. Specifically designed to be lightweight, yet durable, the carbon fiber and carbon fiber-fiberglass composite construction provide excellent performance for both freshwater streams and saltwater flats.


Why Is the Fishpond Nomad Hand Net Suited To So Many Anglers?

Golden Fly Shop offers a unique selection of durable fly fishing nets, all suited for the active angler, including the popular Nomad Hand Net. These Nomad Nets are engineered to be durable, lightweight and easy to pack. Boasting an ergonomic oval hoop handle and durable mesh netting, these nets make it easier to land fish faster without damaging them. The extra-long reach of the net makes it easier to scoop fish even out of those hard to reach spots. If you're looking for a reliable net, made of carbon fiber that stands up to tough use, then look no further than Golden Fly Shop's collection of Nomad Nets!


Why Consider a Nomad Mid Length Net?

The Nomad Mid Length Net is the perfect addition to any serious fly fisherman’s arsenal. Not only is it a durable, carbon fiber net able to withstand any rocky riverbed or lush forest, but it also features a rubber bag that won’t damage your hard-earned catches. With Nomad Nets from Golden Fly Shop, you can feel confident that you’ll have the tool you need to net the fish of a lifetime.