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Pack & Quiver Selection At Golden Fly Shop

You've got all your tackle, all your accessories and all your gear -- but can you conveniently carry it all when you're on the water? If not, these packs and bags from Fishpond, Simms, Upqua and Patagonia are the ideal solution. These premium packs and bags are available in many styles, from those worn on the chest to the waist to slung over the shoulder. They're durable, waterproof and designed to carry everything an angler needs close at hand. Take a look at our huge selection!



What Packs & Accessories Do I Need?

For traditional fly fishing, a waist pack, sling pack or chest pack can help keep more of what you need at hand when you're already on the river. After all, you'll not only need fishing accessories like fly line and tippet, flies and floatant. You'll also want personal items like a water bottle, sunscreen and energy bars close at hand. If you're going float fishing or fishing from a boat, you may want to choose the Umpqua Waterproof Boat Bag instead. Finally, since you'll want that net to snag every catch, a separate net quiver or pack with a built-in quiver is essential!

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How To Choose Between Waist, Sling, Lumber, Vest or Chest Pack?


Waist Pack

A waist pack is an invaluable tool for anglers who enjoy fly fishing, providing several advantages that make angling more comfortable and efficient. Waist packs come in many different shapes and sizes, and are worn like a belt around the waist. They allow people to keep their hands free while they cast and afford them the flexibility to adjust tackle quickly and efficiently. Additionally, fly fishers can keep their most essential items right at hand, easily accessible for whenever they need them most. Waist packs also provide fly fishers with a far greater degree of mobility than traditional tackle boxes or backpacks ever could; allowing you to traverse difficult terrain while traveling light. Those who own a waist pack will attest to their effectiveness as a convenient angling accessory.


Sling Pack

Sling packs are not only lightweight and comfortable to wear, but also allow you to organize your gear in a way that makes it easy to access when necessary. With strategically placed pockets and zippers, a sling style bag offers convenient storage without compromising on comfort. Additionally, the design of a sling pack allows the fly fisher to move through streams and shallow waters with less restriction than if they were carrying a full-sized traditional backpack. This versatility and ease of mobility gives the wearer an unmistakable advantage when fly fishing in diverse terrain.


Lumbar Pack

A lumbar pack is an ideal gear accessory for the fly fisherman on-the-go. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it provides easy access to essential gear while out on the water. The lumbar pack is designed to be worn around the lower back and waist, so it can easily move with you as you go from spot to spot or fish from shore or a boat. This convenience allows ease of movement that would not be possible with a large backpack or fanny pack. On top of that, a large capacity lumbar pack also helps keep gear organized so all needed materials are within quick reach, allowing for quickness and efficiency when on the water.


Fly Fishing Vests

Fly fishing vests are a great way for fly fishers to keep their tackle and gadgets organized. They come with interior pockets that let you separate out hooks, flies and any other accessories. Many of the interior pockets hold items securely while allowing quick access when they are needed. The interior compartments can be tailored to the fisherman's needs depending on what type of fly fishing he or she prefers. Additionally, most fly fishing vests come with features such as rain covers and water repellent material that allow the angler to stay protected from harsh weather conditions. In short, owning a fly fishing vest offers many advantages when it comes to keeping organized during fly fishing trips.


Chest Packs

Fly chest packs are typically smaller and lightweight, providing an advantage to any fly fisherman walking long distances. This style of pack has plenty of room for storage and are designed to be water resistant. They can easily withstand a splash or two while out on the water. For any serious anglers who walk far and over difficult terrain, this style of pack may be the perfect solution.


Learn About Our Brands? Orvis, Simms, Umpqua, or Fishpond Packs

Orvis Packs: If you’re an avid fly fisherman then you know the importance of having packs that can keep up with your journey. Orvis fly fishing packs are just what you need! With their signature combination of lightweight materials and sturdy construction, Orvis backpacks will be sure to withstand all sorts of outdoor activities. They even have pockets specifically designed for fly-fishing so that your precious tools are conveniently stored. Grab one of these backpacks and hit the water with confidence knowing that your pack won’t let you down.

Simms Packs: Simms fly fishing packs are the perfect way to carry all of your essential gear. They are designed with durability in mind, from the high-strength seams and zippers to the extra reinforcement on wear points. With an array of sizes, types and colors, there is sure to be a pack for every angler’s style. Whether you choose an ultralight adventure bag or a large day pack full of compartments, each Simms Fly Fishing Pack includes unique features that will keep you organized and ready for wherever your next journey takes you.

Umpqua Packs: Umpqua fly fishing packs have been designed for fly fishers who need a convenient and reliable product that can store all of their essentials. Whether it's for an afternoon jaunt or an extended adventure, Umpqua has crafted storage devices to suit every need. Featuring plenty of pockets, dividers and external lash points, there is no limit to the accessories you can secure within them. All of the packs come with additional waterproofing elements – such as storm flaps – keeping your items safe from the elements. If you are looking for fly fishing equipment that is reliable, effective and aesthetic then look no further than Umpqua's line of fishing packs.

Fishpond Packs: Fishpond fly fishing packs offer anglers the perfect combination of style and practicality. Featuring spacious pockets, adjustable straps and lightweight construction, these versatile packs are a great option when it comes to making it those hard-to-reach spots! These packs also come with many extra features such as water-resistant fabric, double-stitched heavy duty seams, and air mesh channels for ventilation; all designed to withstand rough adventures in the outdoors. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, a Fishpond fly fishing pack can be one of the most important additions to your gear list if you are looking for convenience and comfort on your next outdoor fishing adventure.

Features To Look For Like Interior Pockets, Waterproofing

It can be hard to decide which fly fishing pack is the best for you. With so many backpacks available, it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what you need. One thing to consider is durability; depending on conditions and how often you use your gear, a fly fishing pack should last for years. Look for fly fishing packs made from waterproof canvas or polyester, as these materials will stand up to harsh conditions. It's also important that backpacks have adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit and plenty of compartments and pockets to organize your gear. With features like these, fly fishing packs will have you prepared and ready to take on any fishing expedition!