Bauer Reels

BAUER revolutionized fly reel design with the introduction of their unique large arbor fly reel in 1995. The award winning innovative design takes advantage of the superior large arbor spool performance with a revolutionary yet simple “zero-backlash” drag clutch.

Having come from a different background of race cars and precision technology, Jon Bauer looked at things differently when considering the function of the fly reel. Applying the principals of basic physics it was obvious that the best design for a direct drive fly reel was with a large arbor spool to minimize the variance of moment arm effect during the use of the reel. This simple principal improved all aspects of fly reel function; line handling, line retrieval and drag performance. Since then, Bauer has built on this philosophy of innovation and excellence, and continues to design industry-leading precision manufactured fly reels considered the “Swiss watch of fly reels.” Our love of fly fishing fuels our goal to continue pushing to create the perfect fly reel and enhance your fly fishing experience. Bauer reels are put to the test daily by our customers, guides and staff who reaffirm our view that Bauer reels are the finest fly reels in the world.