Ross Reels

Reels from Ross have been at the forefront of high-end fly fishing gear for decades. With spine-tingling swing weight, perfect rod weight balance and precise craftsmanship, they make the perfect choice for any serious fly fisher. Their unparalleled quality ensures that your cast is smooth and accurate with every throw. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, their advanced design will help you make the most of every swing of your line. Rest assured that any time you step up your game with a Ross reel, you will be sure to enjoy the highest quality experience in fishing.

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Ross Reels Colorado Made

The Reels from Ross are made here in Colorado, and are the perfect combination of beauty and function; with every part of them blending together seamlessly to provide anglers with a smooth retrieve and reliable drag. These reels have unmatched strength and rigidity, but are still very light, with just enough weight to balance out a wide range of rods. Many of Ross’ reels are made from Vesconite; a material designed to be used in the toughest marine environments, guaranteeing a lifetime of flawless operation.

Classic sound and feel meets modern strength and design to make Ross Reels functional pieces of art. With every angle and material carefully analyzed and considered, these reels are designed to be fished from small streams to ocean flats and everything in between. You won't find better made products than Ross Reels!


What Are Lightweight click pawl reels?

Lightweight click pawl reels are a great choice for an angler looking for a more classic approach to fly fishing. The lightweight design usually reduces the overall weight of click pawls, allowing ease when casting. With a traditional “click and pawl” system, the reel operates with a light clicking sound and has no adjustable drag. Instead of drag the user simply “palms” the reel; applying pressure with their hand in order to stop or slow the spinning of the drag. Lightweight click pawl reels ensure your setup is properly balanced by removing many of the clunkier, heavier parts of more modern drag systems. Many of these reels are sleek and beautiful with a defined look. Click pawl reels can add a great amount of enjoyment and another level of control for anglers looking for a new addition to their fly fishing setup.