Fly Fishing Rods by G. Loomis

MOTIVATION. All anglers have it. It’s the lens providing focus. The foundation of action. The game plan every time you wet a line. For some, it’s the relentless drive to advance their craft. To gain knowledge, experience, and proficiency with unflinching confidence. The devotion of structuring life to maximize time on the water. A tacit desire to be the best. If these words resonate with you, welcome to “our tribe.”

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What Makes Loomis Rods One Of The Most Popular Fly Fishing Rods?

G. Loomis Fly Rods are among the top choices for experienced and beginner fly-fishers alike due to their exceptional craftsmanship and high-end quality. Loomis uses graphite and fiberglass materials to create lightweight, durable rods with superior sensitivity that make casting easier, while providing anglers with greater accuracy. Every rod is remarkably designed while incorporating the latest modern technology, such as their new Spiral X design which helps to maintain strength throughout the entire length of the rod. With each rod being constructed with meticulous precision by master craftsmen, it’s no wonder why Loomis has made a name as one of the most popular fly fishing rod brands on the market today.


What Is Unique About The G. Loomis NRX+?

The Loomis NRX+ is a fly rod that stands out from the rest. It features multi-taper technology, which gives it a softer tip but much more power in the mid and lower sections of the blank. The entire rod is built with high modulus graphite fibers, making it incredibly lightweight and responsive while maintaining its strength and stability. Plus, with an improved taper design and extra-long butt section, this long-casting rod can move line faster than other models on the market. Lastly, there are several different models to choose from, offering anglers ample opportunity to find the perfect rod for any of their fishing needs.