Keeping your feet dry and having confident footing on muddy riverbanks and gravely riverbeds is crucial to any serious angler. At Golden Fly Shop, we stock quality boots from Simms, Orvis and Patagonia to give you confidence every step of the way. From regular rubber-soled boots to heavy-duty boots with built-in aluminium studs, our team of product experts are ready to help you find the right shoes for your needs and your budget.



What Makes Fly Fishing Boots Special?

Providing traction on underwater surfaces isn't the same as providing it on dry land. That's why old-school fly fishing boots featured felt soles -- that slick material grabs on nicely to slimy rocks and stones when submerged in water. However, felt-soled boots can cause environmental damage, and felt fishing shoes are now banned in many localities. Instead, we offer rubber soled boots, including some with aluminium studs. The special rubber used is designed to provide exceptional grip when wet. This helps provide traction both on dry land, in the snow and on the stream.