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3 Flies for the Week: December 4

3 Flies for the Week: December 4

Looks like it’s going to be another week that starts with snow, warms up through the week, and cools down again. It’s been one of those years and fishing has been goofy because of it. Don’t expect it to be bad, but the fish have to be adjusting a lot in order to cope with the ranges in water temperatures. This actually leads to them eating a lot more than normal because their body is constantly adjusting and burning calories to do so. Unfortunately, water flows are not on our side so the big bugs are all but done. Expect eggs and midges to be the flies working. Like I mentioned last week though, BWO’s are hatching very consistently in Pueblo! So if you’re sick of fishing midges head south.

#1: Rojo Midge - Purple sz18 (In Store Only)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rojo Midge, then it’s time to familiarize yourself! The rojo was designed by local tier and friend of the shop Greg Garcia. This fly was designed and tested on our local waters, proving itself on the country’s most difficult fish. This fly’s unique design separates itself from the majority of midge larva and pupa pattern and acts sort of as both. We’re liking the rojo as an attractor fly for this week due to its unique design that pulls in fish to your rig. Purple is often an overlooked color when trout fishing, but it shouldn’t be as it’s actually the most visible color on a trout’s color spectrum. This often leads to more eats, either on that particular fly or your rig. The purple rojo is one of my personal favorites, especially for Cheesman Canyon. 

#2: Flashy Money Midge - Brown sz24

In weeks past I’ve mentioned the flashy money midge as being an incredibly effective midge pattern. The brown color does a perfect job imitating midge pupa prior to their emergence. Not only does it have the perfect coloration, but it also offers the natural profile that most midge pupa patterns lack. Most midge pupa patterns are tied with a bulky thorax that doesn’t match their natural offering. However, the flashy money midge has the sleek profile to naturally imitate midge pupa. Additionally, its small flash section is small enough to keep its natural profile, but bold enough to bring fish in to eat. Midges are going to be the mainstay from now on, so have your box loaded with a variety of patterns.

#3: Zelon Cripple - BWO sz20

Ok, this one seems contradictory and I completely agree. This fly isn’t for our entire area, rather this fly should be fished this week if you’re heading south to Pueblo. I mentioned earlier that BWOs are hatching incredibly in the Arkansas Tailwater and I think everyone should reap the spoils. Pueblo is absolutely at the top of my list this week for rivers to fish because of the plentiful hatches. Something about BWOs makes fish eat like crazy so if you’re looking for good fishing, look no further. The zelon cripple would be the perfect dry fly for down there, its natural mayfly profile can perfectly imitate an injured adult on the surface, which makes it perfect to be fished all day when fish are looking up. We like fishing cripples during big hatches over other patterns because it can differentiate itself from the hundreds of naturals going by. Fishing dry flies this week in Pueblo is going to be through the roof as warm temperatures will make a big spike in hatch activity, while the cooler weather later in the week will force the emerging adults to dry their wings off a little longer than normal. 

Best of luck on the water this week and we hope these flies catch a fish or two for ya. Two of the three flies are available on our website, but all are in the shop. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Xavier on email at, or call the shop at 303-330-1292. Thank you!
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