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Behind the Brand Episode 1 featuring Nautilus Fly Reels

Behind the Brand Episode 1 featuring Nautilus Fly Reels

In Episode 1 of Behind the Brand we stopped to chat with Nautilus Reels owner, Kristen Mustad to learn the inside scoop behind the Nautilus Reels story and soak in the intricate details about the design process of Nautilus reels.


In Episode 1 of Behind the Brand we stopped to chat with Nautilus Reels owner, Kristen Mustad to learn the inside scoop behind the Nautilus Reels story and soak in the intricate details about the design process of Nautilus reels. From the headwater trout streams of Colorado to the Florida Keys, Nautilus has an appropriate reel for any angling task! 

After chatting with Kristen about their story and the design process we decided it was time to get some of the shop crew together and hit the water for some "field testing." We were long overdue for some time on the water after spending the ample time moving the shop, rebuilding the retail space and preparing for a great 2021 season. 

To put the Nautilus hardware to the test we hit the road west on a Thursday night after work. The mission: Find a trout worthy of tugging line from the "Brembo brakes of fly fishing." If you don't know cars, Brembo brakes are used to slow down the fastest, most powerful sports cars on the market and Mr. Mustad loves to use Brembo's as an analogy for their product line. We gotta say,  he's right on target. 

With the morning temps at dawn starting around 18 degrees, we knew the fish would want to sleep in, so we did the same. After a proper home-cooked breakfast at a friends cabin and a short fly tying session we put oars down on the first stretch of the day. At this point it was 11am with 8 miles to go on the float and we knew we would be spending the majority of our time fishing from the boat, and minimal time wading.

 On this particular day and stretch of river, it was a SLOOW start. We moved a couple fish to inspect a streamer, but no dice. We preceded to nymph the promising winter holding seams, runs and tail-outs with minimal feedback. On a positive note, our Nautilus Reels were working flawlessly despite the below freezing conditions. We don't mind managing ice on the guides but if you're reel freezes up this time of year, you're hosed until the mercury rises. The weather peaked at around 33 degrees which turned on the bite. For the first part of the morning we were fishing deep seams and foam lines. With minimal feedback we decided to stop in a particular section to see if fish were holding in side channels and other shallower wadeable areas with good structure. Suspicions proved to be correct and we managed to net the first fish of the day in an unsuspecting side channel a part from the main current. As we pushed downstream we caught fish in similar zones. Trout were feeding heavily on rubber legs and baetis, with larger midges playing a role as well. 

I will leave it at that and ask that you watch BEHIND THE BRAND featuring NAUTILUS REELS to see for yourself how the rest of the float went. Trust me, it's worth grabbing popcorn and a beverage. 

-Davis, Golden Fly Shop

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