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Behind The Brand with Nautilus Reels & Streamside Fly Tying with Golden Fly Shop - Golden Fly Shop

Behind The Brand with Nautilus Reels & Streamside Fly Tying with Golden Fly Shop

2 New Videos dropped on YouTube: Behind the Brand with Nautilus Reels and Streamside Fly Tying featuring the Pheasant Tail with Kevin Le.


TEASER: "Behind The Brand" with Nautilus Reels

A glimpse under the hood of Nautilus Reels from the owner Kristen Mustad with additional on the water content and commentary from the shop crew.

Full YouTube Episode coming soon!  

Just a few weeks ago Kristen Mustad, owner of Nautilus Reels, swung by the shop to see our new location and give us some background behind their product line and insight into their design process. Kristen surprised us on more than one occasion in the interview  but especially when he said that "Brown Trout were his favorite fish to pursue on the fly."

Watch the short trailer below for our first ever "Behind the Brand" series dropping on YouTube soon!


STREAMSIDE FLIES: Mottled tung Pheasant Tail

This week we are keeping the conversation going on  Pheasant tails with a variation of the fly tied on camera by our very own Kevin Le on the banks of the Roaring Fork River.

As the spring snowfall continues to pile on it's a great time to fill boxes in anticipation of the Golden Stones, Mayflies and stoneflies to come. Shoot, a PT can even come in handy during a caddis hatch if you vary the colors and material choices accordingly.  Trout have been spotted on local freestones awakening from their winter holding patterns in search of shallower water and food/oxygen rich water. With this shift we encourage you to spend time at the tying bench crafting the next meal for your local Salmonids!

 As we mentioned last week, The Pheasant Tail comes in many forms. As fly tyer's it's our job to interpret the original fly and incorporate variations as needed in size, color and weight for the water we intend to fish.

This week we decided to showcase a one off variation of the famous pheasant tail, this time tied by shop manager, Kevin Le. When it comes to versatility on the water and at the tying bench the PT is no stranger. The key variation being applied to this tie, compared to the original version, is the mottled brown tungsten bead. 



  •  #8-20 TMC 3761 
  • Bead: Tungsten - Mottled Brown
  •  8/0 black or brown
  •  Pheasant tail (male)
  •  Pheasant
  •  Pheasant
  •  Copper wire
  •   Peacock
  •  Pheasant

Remember that a material list is a good starting point but feel free to adapt the fly design for your needs! 

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