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Shop Update & The Twenty Incher Stonefly (FOTW) - Golden Fly Shop

Shop Update & The Twenty Incher Stonefly (FOTW)

Fall/Winter 2020: Last fall we hired on Conor Henricks to help with the retail operations and manage our growing guide staff. Together, he and Kevin Le (Shop Manager) order products and oversee the say to day operations.



If you're just tuning in...Thanks again for joining us!

Now that you are here let's recap what the shop has been up to: 

Fall/Winter 2020: Last fall we hired on Conor Henricks to help with the retail operations and manage our growing guide staff. Together, he and Kevin Le (Shop Manager) order products and oversee the say to day operations. 


As the crew grew, so did we and it was time for more space. Last Fall/Winter we started the process of packing up the goods to re-locate a few doors down from our old location to a MUCH larger space about 50 yards away. Shoutout to Dylan Curley, Justin, Conor & Kevin for their hard work during the move! 

Winter 2021: We spent a large part of the "off" season re-modeling the new shop space. Our retail displays are all custom made by the crew and have the same character to boot.  Stocking flies...we have stocked A TON of flies. In addition to bulking up the bugs we hired on a full-time media & brand manager, Davis James to grow our media presence and pump out engaging digital content. 

Spring 2021: We are still stocking flies but we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's hard to imagine a fly pattern that we don't at least 8 colors/sizes no less. 




Last week we dropped some information about our guided trips. If you missed that newsletter you can find all of the details on our website in the BLOG SECTION.

This week we're keeping it short and simple while we churn out more content for you, our faithful customers and friends! Our digital content is created in house at Golden Fly Shop and on the water with the intention of informing and entertaining anglers of all skill levels. Check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to see what you might have missed and do us a favor by subscribing and telling your friends about us!  

We are excited to be in the fly fishing business and look forward to hosting some in-person community events in the new shop space soon. Keep your eyes peeled on future announcements! In the meantime swing by the shop to see the new changes, new products and share stories.

If it's fly tying you're interested in we have you covered! Our material selection is growing weekly and we have a new fly tying video series in the works.




-- The Twenty Incher -- 

This weeks FOTW if the "Twenty Incher" stonefly. We carry this fly 3 styles in several sizes to match the bugs in the water you fish. 


What we do know: The Twenty Incher was invented in the early 70's in Colorado. Rumor has it that it was designed to fool fish on the Roaring Fork River. This fly is deadly during Spring & Summer on nearly any Colorado freestone. Heck, it will put fish in the net on a tailwater too!


What we don't know: Who the originator of the fly was. After doing some research we were unable to figure out who designed the pattern. If you know anything about the history of the fly please give us a call because we would love to learn more! Maybe Bonnie (our 1973 Ford LTD) knows something.



  •  TMC 403BLJ or Hanak 480BL(#8-14)
  • Bead: Tungsten Slotted - 3/16 or 5/32
  • Weight: .020 Lead Free
  •  UTC 70 - Black or Danville 
  • Tail: Goose Biots - Brown
  • Abdomen: Peacock Hearl & Copper Wire - M
  • Wing Case: Turkey Quill - Nat
  • Legs: Hungarian Partridge - Nat
  • Thorax: Hare's Dubbing - Nat
  • Suggested Tools: vise, scissors, bobbin, bodkin, brush, whip finish, Super Glue or UV Glue

Remember that a material list is a good starting point but feel free to adapt the fly design for your needs! 



1. The Roaring Fork - Carbondale

2. The Upper Colorado - Parshall

3. The Arkansas - Salida

4. The Colorado - Glenwood

5.  The Gunnison River - Pleasure Park



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