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Spring Setup of the month - Golden Fly Shop

Spring Setup of the month

Golden Fly Shop is proud to present to you the Setup of the Month.  The Setup of the month is a rod, reel and line combo that is best fit for the fishing requirements of the specific month, as well as a three fly rig made up of guide’s choice flies that consistently catch fish . This setup is meant to make your gear selection simple; giving you honest recommendations on some of the best gear in the industry.  

March’s setup of the month includes the G.Loomis NRX+, Lamson Litespeed, and Elite Rio Gold Fly line.

Rod: G. Loomis NRX+ Fly

Size: 10’ 4wt.

The G. Loomis NRX+ is a fast action rod that provides exceptional line speed, loop stability and power without compromising any feel or finesse in the short game. This gives the angler confidence-boosting control even in less-than-ideal situations.  The NRX+ is a very fast rod that is both powerful and forgiving.  Our guides recommend the 10’ version of the 4wt, as the extra length gives you some extra reach in technical situations and turns over even the heaviest of nymph rigs.

Reel: Lamson Litespeed F

Size: -5+

The Lamson Litespeed is a fully machined, premium reel designed with cutting edge technology. The reel’s drag system is Waterworks-Lamson's conical system, which creates friction from a pair of cones instead of the usual round washers.  It also includes a unique spring set that creates a linear progression of torque with very fine resolution at the light end of its range making it ideal for light tippets (5x,6x,7x, etc.). Check this out for a more in depth description of this cutting edge drag system. The Litespeed is one of the lightest reels on the market, and pairs well with a fast action rod.  Not to mention, the reel is beautiful and sounds great! 

Line: Elite Rio Gold

Size: wf4f.

The Elite Rio Gold fly line has long head and back taper and is the perfect all around fly line. The line is built with RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore Plus, resulting in exceptional smoothness and durability. We chose this line because of its well-roundedness.  March is a month that is very unpredictable, and sometimes you may need to throw a heavy nymph rig; while other times you may need to throw a delicate dry fly with a delicate and precise presentation.  The Rio Elite Gold provides this versatility and casts incredibly well on any rod, but especially the NRX +.

Flies of the Month: 

Mayer’s Mini Leech (size: 12-16):

Designed by Landon Mayer, this fly is designed to fool large trout on tailwaters across the state.  Fish it as an attractor pattern, and try jigging it at the end of your drift, as this can offten induce takes from hungry spring trout.

Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear (size 18-22):

 If you’ve never heard of a Hare’s Ear, you’ve been missing out on one of the fishiest patterns in the world.  This fly is extremely versatile with its ability to mimick many different insects from baetis to caddis to small stoneflies. It is especially effective in spring months, when there is a plethora of insects available for feeding trout. 

 McCannel’s Massacre Midge (size 20-24):

 This midge pattern designed by Matt McCannel is a perfect emerging midge pattern on any river in the state.  Fish it in the surface column during a spring midge hatch and you will not be disappointed.  This fly makes the perfect third fly in a classic three-fly nymph rig.

Thanks for reading about Golden Fly Shop’s March loadout of the month.  Be on the lookout next month for some more gear recommendations.  Tight lines out there!  

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