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Hardy - Ultralite LL 9'9" 4wt

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Our Thoughts:

The Hardy Ultralite LL 9'9" 4wt is one of the best do-all fly rods for our local waters. This rod has the perfect length for making high-sticking nymphing and mending a breeze, but isn't too long for making precise dry fly presentations. It has a delicate tip to protect the lightest of tippet, but a thick butt section to effectively fight bigger fish. This rod also does a phenomenal job at euro nymphing when in a pinch. 

Here's What Hardy Has To Say:

Never before have light line and river specific anglers had so many advanced techniques to choose from. The surge in popularity around advanced European style and competition style techniques has to some degree left rod design behind - not anymore. These technique specific rods have been designed, developed, and tested by some of the leading experts of modern light line methods to represent the most refined and usable actions on the market for these demanding styles of fishing.