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Lamson Velocity 9' 5wt Fly Rod

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Cheating We'll come clean from the outset: Velocity is the freshwater version of our Cobalt action. We did this for an obvious reason: Our high-energy saltwater rods are certifiable handguns. Point and shoot, fast and furious, lifting power and laser loops.
Big flies on open water, blowing like hell? Yep. Send one out to a seam in the middle of a wide freestone and throw in a reach? Nailed it. Lift a meaty streamer with a Belgian backcast and hit the other side of the river? Done. 10 inch brookies in a beaver pond on 6X? Uh . . . not quite. But if speed is what you need . . .Lighter hardware, forgotten fighting butts, foofy finishes for us trout guys, things like that.
End of story. 

All 2021 rods incorporate LOCKDOWN reel seats

  • Lockdown Reel Seats
  • Machined Rail mounting surfaces
  • Reel locked in the closed position

4 Fast No 9' 4 2.7 oz
5 Fast No 9' 4 2.7 oz
6 Fast No 9' 4 2.8 oz
6 FB Fast Yes 9' 4 3.9 oz
7 Fast Yes 9' 4 4 oz
8 Fast Yes 9' 4 4.2 oz

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