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Mastering Pike on the Fly - Strategies and Techniques - Barry Reynolds

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Guide and master angler Barry Reynolds has a “deep, driving passion” for pike on the fly that permeates this book. He calls it “the most explosive, most exciting fishing you can find in freshwater.” in every chapter, his intent is clear–to help the angler catch pike, more pike and bigger pike. He concentrates on doing just that, even under the most difficult conditions, when the pike’s mood, water conditions, and weather work against the angler.

In his fourth book, Barry takes flyfishing for northern pike to a new level, far beyond the basics presented in his groundbreaking book, Pike on the Fly. Combining science with more than twenty years of experience flyfishing for pike, Barry gives anglers a true appreciation of northerns and their habitat and a full complement of strategies, flies, and tools needed to locate and catch pike under nearly every circumstance.

The introductory chapters give a complete study of pike. Barry explains how to cope with the pike’s “moods” and reveals the complex environment of a lake in detail. He then moves on to rivers–”some of the most prolific big-pike waters.”

Using his vast experience under every conceivable type of fishing condition, Barry offers solutions for every problem the pike angler is likely to face in the presentations chapter. This is the heart of the book for the angler who wants to catch pike, whether in easy or difficult situations.

In a later chapter, Barry describes twenty-five of the best flies for pike, gives recipes, and reveals the circumstances under which each fly is best used. The final chapter covers everything an angler needs to know about trip planning, from choosing a lodge to tipping the guides.

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