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New Zealand Strike Indicator - Tool with Wool

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The Srike Indicator Tool Kit Includes:

  • Strike Indicator Tool Kit - Makes the ultimate Adjustable, Knotless, Stealthy and Super Sensitive indicators!
  • Cut Your Own Tubing - 12 inches of spare "Cut Your Own" tubing to make spare sleeves.
  • New Zealand Wool Yarn - 12 inches of Stealthy White and 12 inches of Bright Florescent Green New Zealand Wool Yarn - Precision Spun, Dyed and Engineered to Fit The New Zealand Strike Indicator System. Use one strand for our "Regular Size Tubing"

Stealthy - Lands gently - doesn't spook trout

Totally Adjustable - Place nymph in the perfect strike zone

100% Knotless - Doesn't weaken the line - don't lose that trophy

Super Sensitive - Shows even the most subtle takes

Pleasure to Cast - Light and natural - casts like a dry fly

No Damage or Kinks to Leader - Significant savings in dollars and re-rigging

Multicolor Indicators - Make multicolor indicators for optimal sighting

Trim to Exact Size Required - Trim short and stealthy for size 22 midges or long for heavier flies

Great Value - Kit includes spare wool and tubing

Quick and Easy to Make - Just takes a few seconds

Quick and Easy to Remove - Catch that rising rainbow

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