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New Zealand Strike Indicator - Tubing Refill - Regular

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New Zealand Strike Indicator Perfect Tubing

Choose Regular or X-Large Size:

  • Regular Size - 3 Feet of Regular Size Tubing - handles a size 14 bead head nymph or trim down when delicate presentations are necessary.
  • X-Large Size - 2 Feet of X-Large Tubing - if you fish with lots of weight - or big and rough water!


Available in Two Sizes - Regular and X-Large

Highest Quality Tubing - The exact properties required for demanding conditions

Doesn't Burn or Harm Leader - Tubing holds true but doesn't burn mono when adjusting

Tough - Adjust indicator on every run - no problem

Totally Adjustable - Place nymph in the perfect strike zone

Perfect Diameter - 1 strand yarn for regular size - three strands yarn for x-large size

No Damage or Kinks to Leader - Significant savings in dollars and re-rigging

"Lifetime Supply" - 3 Feet of Regular Size Tubing or 2 Feet of X-Large Size Tubing - Lasts Years!

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