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Orvis Helios 3D White 9' 12wt Fly Rod

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The Story

We designed the Orvis Helios 3D fly rod to cast at impressive distances without sacrificing power—and it hits the mark every time. We’ve reduced the variables at the point of release to focus the energy behind every cast. Increased hoop strength means reduced vibration for a consistently crisp release, because we know accuracy is paramount. The H3D rod churns out precise casts that are the stuff of legend—because it’s the pinpoint delivery of flies that takes you from a quiet day on the water to battling predator fish ripping down the flats. Pushing through a gusty saltwater wind is no big deal—the Orvis Helios 3D has the power to get your fly there, and the accuracy to drop it right where you want it. Whatever the location, whatever the fish, the H3D is ready for it: Big rivers or saltwater, bonefish or bass—those accurate drops earn more bends in the rod, it’s as simple as that. Get the most accurate fly rod in existence and land more fish on every trip.

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Why Is The Orvis Helios 3D The Most Accurate Fly Rod?

Orvis has earned a well-deserved reputation for the quality and accuracy of their fly fishing gear. Their Orvis Helios 3D fly rod is a stock favorite among serious fishers for it's remarkable skill and number of pieces to choose from that help guarantee enjoyable, effortless casting. This is no exception when it comes to accuracy - whether you are targeting small or large prey, rest assured that the Orvis Helios 3D will surpass your expectations with its superior precision. The rod itself helps provide increased accuracy due its design and stock that helps to deliver delicately nuanced adjustments that can make all the difference in catching your desired prize.

What Do Fly Fishing Experts Say About The Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod?

Fly fishing experts across the country have praised the Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod as a versatile, premium rod. If a number of different actions and rods are needed for a successful outing, look no further than this piece from Orvis. Fly fishing rod reviews report that its design helps to eliminate any vibration from casting, allowing for smoother retrieval of line, and giving you extra distance with each cast. This fly rod is extremely accurate, making it easier and more efficient to target specific targets in rivers and still waters alike. Whether you are just starting out in fly fishing or a seasoned casting expert, the Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod is sure to help you find success on the water.

Technical Aspects of the Orvis Helios 3d Fly Rod

The Orvis Helios 3d Fly Rod is an impressive piece of technology providing an exceptional fly cast experience. With a swing weight that reduces fatigue and increases accuracy, it gives anglers the precision they need to make their fly stay in the right place. It also has a rod weight specifically developed by Orvis' engineers to provide excellent energy transmission while delivering a smooth, crisp delivery of effective power. This innovative rod delivers nothing short of exactness and control over every fly cast by allowing you to feel when it engages with the momentum of the line, allowing you to enjoy longer days on rough waters and swift streams alike.

  • Helios 3D Fly Rod.
  • Matte midnight blank
  • Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum midnight black w/ matte midnight carbon insert
  • Black/black main wraps
  • REC recoil snake guides
  • SiC/titanium stripping guides
  • Aluminum rod tube
  • 25-Year Guarantee
  • Made in USA
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