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Renzetti Master Vise w/Deluxe Base Green (M6015)

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The Master Vise is so named because it does it all. Featuring a patented jaw mechanism that securely holds hooks from a #28 to 10/0, this vise is the vise for the tyer who turns out everything from tiny trout flies to feather dusting sized billfish offerings.

If you are a production tyer or a serious saltwater buff, this is the vise to own. With the advanced rotary actuator, the independent position of the fly and the crank arm affords total versatility in all rotary functions. Without question, the Master is the most advanced and most versatile vise available today.

Blue and Purple Custom Colors are limited to 250 units and SOLD OUT

In July 2023 we are introducing the Master 6014 and the Master 6015 Edition, Both Series continue to offer the features of the Masters but Olive Green anodize and in 2 models.

The M6014 offers the new hinged stem that give you the versatility of pivoting the vise head as well as the Extended Crank Arm and a black magnetized Streamer Pedestal Base with a Deluxe Stem Support.   

The M6015 is a  Olive Greeen anodized with a Deluxe Pedestal Base.

M6015SP  IJust like the M6015 with the Extended Crank arm and Hinged Stem.  

There could be color variation on the Olive Green Master. 

DECEMBER 1, 2023. The Olive Green Master is selling extremely well, at the moment we are experiencing delays in assambling. We encourage you to secure your if you wish to have it under your Christmas tree.

The new Hinged Stem is available for any Master and or Presentation 3000 and 4000, regardless of its age. 


Yes, we are very proud that we are made in the USA.

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