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Rio Elite Xtreme Indicator Fly Line

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Size: WF5F

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An incredibly advanced nymphing line, ideal for fishing indicators out of a boat

The Xtreme Indicator line has been designed to be a very effective tool for anglers that fish nymphs and indicators out of a boat. The short head has a powerful front taper that casts indicator rigs with ease, and loads up with a single cast. Built with RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore Plus, the line allows for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lifts and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means faster reaction time when setting the hook.

  • Perfect for fishing out of a boat
  • Short, easy loading head to throw all manner of indicator rigs
  • Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control, performance and smoothness
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast technology
  • EasyID on front taper for fast line recognition

Line Size Density Line Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Weight Total Head Weight Head Length Total Length SKU
5wt Float Orange/Moss/Yellow Float 185gr (12gm) 203gr (13.2gm) 33ft (10m) 90ft (27.4m) 6-19555
6wt Float Orange/Moss/Yellow Float 215gr (13.9gm) 230gr (14.9gm) 33ft (10m) 90ft (27.4m) 6-19556
7wt Float Orange/Moss/Yellow Float 240gr (15.6gm) 260gr (16.9gm) 33ft (10m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19557
8wt Float Orange/Moss/Yellow Float 280gr (18.1gm) 300gr (19.4gm) 33ft (10m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19558
9wt Float Orange/Moss/Yellow Float 330gr (21.4gm) 355gr (23.0gm) 33ft (10m) 100ft (30.5m) 6-19559

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