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Rising - Galloup Tie-up Dubbing Tool

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Kelly Galloup signature dubbing tool. That’s right. Kelly Galloup – the guy behind the incredible articulated streamers, weighted streamer line, and cannon Bank Robber rod – yep that stud, has now produced the ultimate dubbing tool with us. It’s the best.

Kelly Galloup has changed the way we fish. He introduced us to sinking lines, large articulated streamers, and a cannon of a fly rod in the Bank Robber. Throwing streamers and feeling the trout smash the fly is one of our favorite ways to fish, and we owe a great deal to this Man. So, when he said we should produce his dubbing tool we were psyched… It took a couple of months of sending prototypes from our shop to his tying bench until we had a tool that met his stringent requirements. Heavy, but not too heavy, easy in the hand, but not so large it would become cumbersome after multiple hours, and long enough to pick dubbing easily while also spinning freely. You are the beneficiary of all these subtle design tweaks. His signature tool will allow you to tie flies like The Master, maybe…with tons of practice.

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