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SA - Sonar Custom Sinking Line Musky

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Size: 350gr 8/9wt

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Scientific Anglers Sonar Musky fly line is a full sinking fly line created specifically for anglers fly fishing muskies and pike. This musky fly fishing line has a powerful head to help turn over large, wind resistant musky flies. The intermediate sinking running line and sink 5 (5 inches per second) head help get buoyant, large musky flies down into the feeding zone. Perfect for both fly fishing muskies in lakes and fly fishing muskies in rivers. This musky fly fishing line is great for moderate climates - fishes well all musky season long from the beginning and into fall. The running line is oversized for better line management (especially when wearing gloves) and a better grip for positive strip sets. The SA Sonar Musky fly line is one of the best musky fly lines available for sale today!

  • Powerful head to turn over extremely large flies
  • Reinforced loops
  • Oversized running line for increased line management and positive strip sets.
  • Intermediate running line and Sink 5 head works well for lakes and rivers
  • For use in moderate climates
  • Braided multifilament core
  • SA SONAR MUSKY XXX GR (# = grain weight)

350gr. 8-9wt 30.0’/9,11m 90.0’/27,4m 350gr/22,7g
400gr. 9-10wt 30.0’/9,11m 90.0’/27,4m 400gr/25,9g
450gr. 10-11wt 30.0’/9,11m 90.0’/27,4m 450gr/29,2g
500gr. 11-12wt 30.0’/9,11m 90.0’/27,4m 500gr/32,4g

* Grain weight for the first 30′

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