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Umpqua 2499SP-BL

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Size: #14

This hook was designed based on the TMC2488 but features 2X heavy wire for added strength and the Tiemco barbless round Super Point (SP), which features a hollowed curve point and triangulated edges that sharpen easily. The gradually tapered point also lowers the resistance of hook penetration, resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding ability.  The TMC2499SP-BL is great for emergers, pupa & larva imitations, shrimp, eggs, and more. This is also a popular hook for many European style nymphs.

Sold in packs of 25 or 100 hooks.


  • Nymphs & Emergers
  • SPR-BL Point (Tiemco Barbless SP with a round point)
  • 2X Heavy
  • 2X Short
  • 3X Wide
  • Straight Eye
  • Forged, Bronze
  • #06-#18
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