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Streamer Fishing 101: 4 Tips To Get Started
Streamer Fishing 101: 4 Tips To Get Started


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At Fishpond, we have a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries of traditional product design and set new standards for functionality. With our roots firmly planted in our core fishing market, we have expanded our portfolio of products to include the outdoor adventure travel and lifestyle segments. As we reflect on the company we have become, we recognize that we are much more than the products we create. Our passion for protecting the natural resources that define much of our American identity has become equal with our commitment to design innovation.

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  • Streamer Fishing 101: 4 Tips To Get Started
    September 25, 2023 Xavier Puls

    Streamer Fishing 101: 4 Tips To Get Started

    As most people know, fall is generally the best time to fish streamers. Trout are aggressive from the spawn and are willing to attack just about anything that comes their way in the pre- and post-spawn. This is also one...

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  • Local Fishing Opportunities This Summer
    August 15, 2023 Xavier Puls

    Local Fishing Opportunities This Summer

    Fly shops always recommend places such as the South Platte River (Dream Stream, 11 Mile, Cheesman, Deckers) and the Blue River. Both of these fisheries are phenomenal fisheries, but for some of us, driving an hour into the mountains to...

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Tying the Shakey Beeley with Greg Garcia

We love our Customers!

Had a great day fishing. Frank taught us the proper techniques, didn't take long, and put us on fish all day! Beautiful scenery, great guide and a unforgettable time! We did the full day and enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks again Frank!!

Chuck White

Walked into two other fly shops in the area and either was ignored or they were arrogant… Walked in here and Mike asked if I needed a hand and didn’t push. When I finally broke and asked for help he was knowledgeable and kind. Kevin talked me through different knots he uses and was willing to sit and work through them with me. I’m not a people person but these guys are great and make it easy to want to come back! I would recommend this shop to everyone.

Herb G.

I broke my rod while on a trip from AL to CO so I popped in here for a replacement and the guys here took care of me. Everyone I talked to was super knowledgeable and helpful and this shop had the best vibe of any shop I’ve ever been in. They also had a legit selection of gear and the car out front is cool too. Would definitely come back just to hang out (hopefully no broken rod this time).

Corey Williams

If you’re looking for fusion adventure, education and a fun fly fishing experience, I would suggest asking for Trout daddy (aka Tryston). He truly was the best fishing guide around. All gear was provided and the location was insanely gorgeous. It would be fun to do this solo or with family. There were lots of fresh fish to catch and a great guide who will make sure you not only get your bites, but also that you net them. 10/10 would recommend.

Kaela Saez

Cannot say enough good things about Golden Fly and Tyler for guided fly fishing. Got in early to an awesome location, all gear and some amazing sandwiches provided, and Tyler helped us land as some beautiful brown trout. We gained so much knowledge and had the BEST time. 10/10 would recommend.

Bekah Davis

Cool shop and everyone there was very helpful! I’m a novice and they helped us with a new setup and no judgement - excited to take a guided trip with them soon. Excellent selection of flies and gear!

Amy King

Ive been shopping at Golden Fly Shop for a few years now. The guys are great. Luke, Dylan, Tristan, Kevin, and others are always helpful and have great attitudes. Excellent fly tying selection and everything else you need. good vibes.

Ryan Nelson

Super chill shop, great for beginners getting into Fly-fishing. They will definitely help with any questions.

Adam Snyder

Tryston was a fantastic teacher on the river. After winning some fly gear through my work I decided I needed to learn. I decided to hire Tryston as my fly guide and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. He was patient and explained everything very well. He made my first day on the river fun and exciting. Highly recommend him if you want a great guide.

Griffin Brill

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