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Over the last couple weeks we've seen every variation of weather Colorado has to offer. Heavy snow, t-shirt weather, and everything in between. What does this mean for Spring fishing this year?




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Over the last couple weeks we've seen every variation of weather Colorado has to offer. Heavy snow, t-shirt weather, and everything in between. What does this mean for Spring fishing this year?

As the snow begins to melt and temps start to stabilize prime fishing conditions have finally arrived. Long gone are the days of iced out guides and 5 layers of puffy coats. The bugs are popping and rivers are alive and doing well. Considering we entered this winter in a drought we will take all the April snowfalls we can get! 

In the last week we've observed some blanket spring midge hatches and significant Blue Winged Olive adults setting sail on the surface film. In addition to the first mayflies of the year our customers, guide staff and shop crew have proved that streamer fishing "season" is here (although many will argue that this is an all day everyday approach to fly fishing). Just last week shop associates Dylan Curley and Davis James hit an early season float and found plenty of fish willing to smack a dead drifted olive streamer. Aside from streamers, stoneflies, worms, caddis larvae midges, and baetis were all on the menu. This time of year can be quite the buffet if you know where to look!  





At the beginning of the year we added the Eagle and Roaring Fork River's to our repertoire and we are excited to share memorable experiences with our clientele in these special places. Our guide staff has been putting in the time to learn every nook and cranny which has put some SOLID fish into the net. Brandon Vazquez hoists a beautiful cut-bow for a brief photo before sending it back into the Eagle River. 



GFS guide Nick Reichert had a productive day on the Eagle during a 2-angler full day trip. Both clients managed to double up on numerous occasion's, landing personal best brown trout to cap things off! Top flies on this stretch lately have been girdle bugs #8-10 (aka rubber legs), gold-ribbed hare's ear #14-16, and butt-crack baetis #18-22. If you're on the water into the evening, don't be afraid to arm yourself with a 6 or 7 weight, some 1x and a few steaks from Golden Fly Shop's "meat department." (Meat Dept pictured at the bottom of the email )




If you're looking for a stellar experience, book a guided trip. Our trips are affordable and designed for anglers of all skill levels.

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Along with freestones like the Roaring Fork, Eagle, and Colorado Rivers, our tailwater beats are producing quality fish and a bevy of baetis and midges. While flows on the S. Platte have been low, the fish are happy and feeding according to plan. 

GFS guide Tryston Bewley took a trip earlier this week for a pair of anglers looking to hone their skills. The weather was bright and sunny and the fish fed actively throughout the day. The top producing flies on the S. Platte for this trip were Juju Baetis (22), Hare's Ear (18) and Brown San Juan worms.  




-- Tommy Lynch's Drunk & Disorderly -- 


This weeks FOTW is the "Drunk & Disorderly" streamer. We carry this fly in 2 sizes and several colors so you can dial in your streamer presentation to what the fish are eating. 

This is one of the most entertaining flies to watch fish engage with. The deer hair wedge head which is coated in UV for durability, causes this fly to dodge duck dip dive and dodge like a true dodgeball champion! The fly contains a rattle designed to engage with the lateral line of a predator fish and 2 hooks for those picky fish that nip at the tail. Fish it in shallow water on the bank or dredge it with a Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan sink tip on the bottom. Either way, this fly will surely cause some commotion between you and your angling friends! Fish it for Trout, Bass, Pike or anything else that's hell bent on a big meal.

If you missed our streamer specific YouTube drop last week, click the button below to watch! Several fish taken in the video were fooled on the famed "Drunk & Disorderly!"



TRAILER HOOK: Gamakatsu B10s #4
TAIL/FLASH: Flashabou
BODY: Polar Chenille
COLLAR: Rabbit Zonker
MOVEMENT: Mallard Flank Feather
ARTICULATION: Senyo's Intruder Wire & Beads
LEADING HOOK: Gamakatsu B10s #2
HEAD: Spinning Deer Hair
EYES: Fish Skull Living Eyes
GLUE: Loon UV Thin
OPTIONAL: Glass Rattle

Suggested Tools: Rotary Vise, Deer hair scissors, Razor Scissors, bobbin, bodkin,
brush, whip finish, Super Glue, UV Glue, Razor Blades


Remember that a material list is a good starting point but feel free to adapt the fly design for your needs! 

The meat department at Golden Fly Shop.


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