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Join Golden Fly Shop in the mountains on pristine streams and rivers for an experience of a lifetime. These fly fishing trips will leave lasting memories and make a great gift for the angler in your life!


For fly fishing beginners we recommend booking a full or half day wade trip. For anglers with at least a couple days of experience we recommend a full day wade or float trip to maximize your time.  


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More About Our Fly Fishing Trips and Recommendations

What are the best months for fly fishing trips in Colorado?

Colorado is blessed with some of the most scenic and majestic fly fishing spots in the world found in the Rocky Mountains. Depending on your exact destination, some of the best months to plan fly fishing in Colorado can be April through October. April normally brings cold water, but provides some of the best trout fishing as they start to feed in preparation for spawning season. May-June are excellent times for warm weather and dry fly fishing when day-time highs reach into the 70's and 80's degrees Fahrenheit. July - August offer hot temperatures and more stable hatches, making it an excellent time for catching lunkers on a streamer! As autumn approaches, September - October bring cooler temps and wild colorful leaves while offering another go at excellent trout fly fishing before the cold sets in. Whether you’re chasing golden mahogany browns or feisty rainbows, Colorado fly fishing outings have something for everyone anytime between April-October.


Where is the best fly fishing in Colorado right now?

Fly fishing is a favorite pastime for many anglers in Colorado, showing off both the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the abundance of trout found throughout the state. Right now, a number of areas stand out as excellent fly fishing spots - Deckers, Cheesman Canyon, Blue River, Arkansas River, Colorado River, and South Platte River. Along the Arkansas river, fly fishing enthusiasts can find rainbows and browns that love to come out from around large rocks and boulders in the water's shallow depths. The Colorado River offers up similarly-sized fish with sometimes larger catches against warm waters off riffles or pools with little white water activity. Finally, the South Platte River has some of the best fly fishing opportunitie


s in Colorado right now; its legendary hatches combine with plenty of trout just waiting to be caught by a skilled fisherman on perfect days!

Do you need a license to run guided fly fishing trips in Colorado?

Colorado fly fishing can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to understand the legal requirements needed in order to offer guided fly fishing trips in Colorado - namely, the need to carry a valid license. Without the right licensing, fly fishing trips may not only be illegal, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to come across any fish either! Be sure that any guide or tour operator you book with for guided fly fishing trips is licensed appropriately before deciding to go ahead.


Is There Special Training To Be Called a Fly Fishing Guide Colorado

Colorado is one of the leading states for fly fishing, and fly fishing guides in Colorado offer a special expertise that draws visitors from across the nation. Becoming a Colorado fly fishing guide requires in-depth knowledge of the region and its location’s best fishing spots. Colorado fly fishing guides are trained on how to properly select the right bait, reel the line, identify what fish are in the local waters, and other activities to help novice fishermen find success. Colorado fly fishing guides must also be familiar with regional regulations and government restrictions when it comes to catch limits or season openings. With their extensive training and knowledge, Colorado fly fishing guides play an important role as educators who work with anglers that make a trip to Colorado special.