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Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing requires a big rod, but not for the reason that most expect. Most anglers assume that the heavier rod is used to fight bigger fish, on the contrary a heavier rod is used to effectively cast large flies and heavy sinking lines. There are many dedicated streamer rods on the market, but finding the right one can be difficult. Most anglers opt for 7wt as their do-all streamer rod. But, some anglers may need a 6 or 8wt depending on where they fish, the size of flies, or a multitude of other factors. Typically we recommend a 6wt when anglers are predominantly wade angling and throwing flies that are 4 inches or less. As mentioned above, a 7wt is a good recommendation for all streamer fishing scenarios. And an 8wt is a good choice for anglers who predominantly fish from a boat and/or fish bigger streamers. Shorter rods are recommended for streamer fishing because they allow for accurate casting and dynamic retrieves that are required for fishing a streamer.

Since streamers rods typically weigh more, having a heavier reel that is larger in size is ideal to properly balance the rod. With that in mind, in this list we have the correct sized reels to make your outfit perfectly balanced. Aside from cosmetics, when spending more money on a reel you’re getting a higher grade drag system and better durability.

Fly Lines:
Fly line choices for streamer fishing are all across the board. Without getting too carried away with the logistics of picking the right line, we typically suggest a shorter sink tip for those looking to be versatile with their setup, a longer sinking line for those who fish from a boat, and a floating line for those who wade fish. This is again a general guideline. Golden Fly Shop only carries high quality gear that we trust to get the job done. This list below is a few of our go-to gear recommendations. All rod and reel purchases automatically qualify for free shipping in the USA.
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