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Clear Creek

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Clear Creek

Rating: 2/5

Current River Conditions

May 18, 2024

Clear Creek has been fishing amazing the past few weeks, but the water is on the rise and gaining color. The past few days the Creek has picked up an exponential amount of water and it is dirty. I would say that it likely won't be fishable until runoff recedes, but you never know! Go take a look at Bear Creek if you're trying to fish close!


Wookie Hopper, Chubby Chernobyl, Griffith's Gnat, Adams, Drymerger BWO, Improved Sparkle Dun, Parachute Adams



Foam Wing RS2 18-22, Chocolate Thunder 18-24, Flux Capacitor 18-22, Money Midge 18-24, Zebra Midge 18-20, WD-40 18-24, Sparkle Wing RS2 18-22, Tungsten Tube Midge 18-22, Black Beauty 18-24, Top Secret Midge 20-24, Rainbow Warrior 18-22, Pale/Irish/Red Ale Midge 18-24, Mercury Midge 18-20, Poison Tung 16-20, Massacre Midge 20-24, Manhattan Midge 20-24, Demon Midge 18-22, Mighty Midge 18-24, Glass Holo Midge 18-20, Midge Bomb 18-22, Rojo Midge 18-22, Jujubee Midge 18-22, Hare's Ear 16-20, Copper John 16-20, Perdigons 16-20



Wooly buggers, She Demon, Chicago Overcoat

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- Clear Creek Fishery Overview

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